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animation designs from back in the calarts’dayz

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I can draw again!

Trying my hand at *gasp* a wee comic. Don’t hold your breath though…

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Steve’s reaction faces are priceless.

Yikes there is so much hate directed at her in the tags. Kirsty Wark is QUOTING here. Anyone who has seen any of her stuff would know this would be completely out of character of her. Watch the video. She is quoting a racist arsehole not being one. Not wanting to detract from the very important point being made by McQueen here, just saying not to shoot the messenger.

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Characters old and new

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I have never related to a comic so personally before 

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Tom Haverford going “Nooooo!”: A Supercut

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Commission for a very patient and kind friend, thank you!!

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Tiny detail of a thing I’m working on.


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me: *looks at ocs i made 4 years ago*

me: we can rebuild them. we have the technology

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i swear i’ll be posting art soon i’m just in-between places at the moment as i’ve just started college and i’m moving out pretty much at the same time. aaand i kind of need to build a computer to work on, but that should hopefully be happening in the next couple weeks, though i’ve never built a computer before so i’m quite nervous BUT IT’LL BE FIIINE

anyway thanks a lot for sticking with me while i faff about, you are all fantastic and i don’t deserve you

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Game of Thrones by zeekolee

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