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There’s fucking nipples on the armour for the Sand Snakes. Literal nipples on breastplates. Are you fucking kidding me

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I could watch this show forever and forever.

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the british welfare minister literally said that disabled people aren’t worth the minimum wage and despite calls for him to lose his position, david cameron has decided not to fire him. please destroy this government.

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I have artistic block for days and then it’s 4am and I’m drawing shitty comics unable to stop.

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Khajiits :0

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I stole, and I robbed, and I kidnapped the President’s son.

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Haruka and Michiru (Sailor Uranus & Neptune) walking in tandem ♥ for my dear friend Tabby's birthday and anniversary!! 

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I’m sure they’ve got everything under control.

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I ladyfied Jona and Alex. It was enjoyable even if the picture’s a bit rough and style/brush-confused. They would be pretty much exactly the same as girls, except for that Jona would wear more lace, have long hair (+curves) and be called Eva and Alex… would be called Alicia. Yeah.

Close-up because I’m really happy with the lips. The lace is a horizontally spherized + puppet warped texture.

Alex/Alicia belongs to @xhakhal
Jona/Eva is mine.

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