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me: *looks at ocs i made 4 years ago*

me: we can rebuild them. we have the technology

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i swear i’ll be posting art soon i’m just in-between places at the moment as i’ve just started college and i’m moving out pretty much at the same time. aaand i kind of need to build a computer to work on, but that should hopefully be happening in the next couple weeks, though i’ve never built a computer before so i’m quite nervous BUT IT’LL BE FIIINE

anyway thanks a lot for sticking with me while i faff about, you are all fantastic and i don’t deserve you

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Game of Thrones by zeekolee

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my latest illustration! an ode to my troubled love/hate relationship with clutter.

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grocery shop

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Pine Cones & Cinnabar Moths

Watercolour, fine liner and coloured pencil.

Came up with this idea when I was out with the dog and my dad. We were walking near my dad’s work which has a large grassy space next to it. I noticed there was an abundance of wildlife there including these beautiful black and red moths. They were really striking to look at against the green foliage. I knew I wanted to use them in my next piece and decided to combine them with pine cones for some reason. I just like Pine cones.

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ah jeez I NEED TO DRAW i’m sorry

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After an age of feeling down in the dumps I finally got off my bum and started on a short comic story that I’ve had in my mind for a loooong time. As you can see it has one of my all-time favourite things, knights (and a squire) in it!! Please forgive the anachronistic nature of their designs, I was going for vague fantasy medieval rather than accurate medieval… <_>

The comic is called Misericordia. I’m planning on releasing it as a digital comic and then if I ever have the money I will print it… All kicks up the backside to help me finish it are welcome. I hope you will like all the character designs and the eventual comic either way. :3

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